Contained within the original creation, we find the origin of dialogue – first among the tools we humans need to communicate with others. If we lose the ability to engage in dialogue, we will ultimately lose our language, since language is brought to life by the exchange of thoughts with our fellow attentive human beings. We would lose, too, our ability to access and appreciate music and the arts. Listen closely! Without dialogue, all life will wither. All that exists is given life by virtue of dialogue.

Louis Ribaux, retired bookseller and antiquarian, St. Gall

As a school subject, language was always rather troublesome. Essays were particularly nasty. I have rediscovered language for myself since, because I began to enjoy making rhymes.

Manuel Stahlberger, singer/songwriter, St. Gall

Politics has taught me that words mirror the soul.

Kathrin Hilber, former councillor of St. Gall

After having read a page from 50 Shades of Grey, I no longer believe in the power of language, nor in style. I’ve come to think that trash will win.

Sibylle Berg, author, Zurich

Language ignites both war and peace.

Thomas Meyer, author, Zurich