… with this preface from the desk of the German writer Jean Paul (1763-1825), let’s have a look at the backstage of wort-wert, where your demands are being met:

Portrait Barbara Guthby Barbara Guth, translator, proofreader, and editor. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor of Arts ZFH in Translation, specialising in multilingual communication in German, Italian and English.

Aside from German, Italian and English, B. Guth has acquired a profound knowledge of French and is interested in Dutch, Rhaeto-Romanic, Spanish, and Yiddish, among other languages.

Barbara Guth has many years of experience in proofreading and editing, she has been working for St.Galler Tagblatt for many years (now CH Media).

In addition to her linguistic interests, she keeps her ears and eyes wide open to the world, being interested in social and world politics, enjoying music and literature, and revelling in nature’s beauty, with or without camera.