wort-wert will read and scan your text to ensure that it is correct and linguistically accurate (orthography, grammar and punctuation), clearly and logically structured, adequate in style and tone and easy to read.

wort-wert will trace your text’s internal logic, following your chain of reasoning and, where applicable, proposing improvements to the flow of your text. wort-wert will propose alternative expressions in the case of word or sentence repetitions and complicated sentence structures, and point out unclear passages and ensure consistent use of your terminology.

Every type of text poses its own set of requirements. wort-wert will read, proof, revise and structure your work in accordance with your ideas.

wort-wert offers a simple, secure and swift service, both offline and online:

  • On paper
  • Word: In your file, tracking changes
  • PDF: Changes on a printed copy, returned to you scanned or by mail
  • Plain text: In your file
  • Web pages: On paper or in your CMS, whichever you preferT

Do not hesitate to contact me – we will find a pragmatic solution.