I recently heard somebody say: This got me seriously thinking for 15 minutes. «You don’t say», came my initial reaction.

For the new year, I sent a number of good wishes into the wind: Good fortune to all of you in the new year. I wish you a solid foundation. Beautiful outlooks. Heartfelt vision.

The wishes. I gave them thought. Pondered what I was writing. What I should be writing. Everything is virtual, the picture that goes alongside the words undemanding. Some like it. Some don’t. A click apart.
The wishes. On the other hand. One could think about them. They are meant personally, but also politically and socially. Not that I had hoped for them to inspire anyone to anything.

The wishes. The period of serious thinking. Words.

A solid foundation: Not everyone has the same prerequisites for a good life.

Beautiful outlooks: I mean that quite personally. Vistas are a joy to behold. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the sight of a beautiful landscape, a friendly person, an accomplished building, a statue, or indeed anything beautiful. Nor with sharing such views. I like that, too.
Looking at the wish from a political angle: I wish that as many people as possible could have a solid foundation in the first place. Or, if nothing else, the opportunity to attain a solid foundation. And then, that solid foundations may translate into beautiful outlooks.

Heartfelt vision: That could become very political. Or personal. Or: Language gives us room to understand and interpret. Heart-felt, first. It is rarely a bad thing to join the heart and the mind, or to look beyond the tip of one’s nose. But there is more to this wish: That, both in personal as well as in social and political terms, we may stay perceptive. Mean well. Not everyone has a solid foundation from which they might see beautiful outlooks, and so, their heart’s vision remains clouded.

The difference between language and pictures. They take different amounts of time to please. To be understood. On this note, I wish you guote Ziite – have a great time. The wishes, of course, are time-less, and I cordially invite you to think about them. If 15 minutes are not too much to ask.