Proofreading / editing: Flawless linguistics with wort-wert

wort-wert’s proofreading service

wort-wert will vigilantly read your text and dispose of all errors. Language acts in many ways – even sneaky mistakes can have a negative impact on the quality of a text and make it less convincing. wort-wert tracks down your every typing error.

wort-wert will polish your document to linguistic perfection, flawless in orthography, grammar and punctuation.

Use wort-wert‘s service to proofread your documents, and your texts will leave a mark with your customers or colleagues, your business partners or academic tutors.

wort-wert’s editing service

wort-wert will revise your drafts to make sure the final text is effective and convincing. Aside from linguistic correctness, wort-wert will screen your text for structure and logic, adjust its language to your target audience and ensure that it is easy to read and understand.

wort-wert will propose alternative expressions in the case of word or sentence repetitions and complicated sentence structures. We will point out unclear passages and ensure consistent use of your terminology. wort-wert will trace your text’s internal logic, following your chain of reasoning and, where applicable, proposing improvements to the flow of your text.

wort-wert offers to proofread and revise the following types of text:

  • Corporate brochures and mission statements
  • Web pages and newsletters
  • Business reports
  • Marketing copy
  • Information leaflets
  • Teaching materials
  • Drafts
  • Textbooks
  • Scientific papers
  • Technical articles
  • Research reports
  • Project reports
  • Theses and dissertations