Text revision: Let wort-wert give your text the finishing touch

wort-wert will scan your text to ensure that it is correct, linguistically accurate, clearly and logically structured, adequate in style and tone and easy to read. With wort-wert to proofread or edit your text, you can be certain of its effectiveness and impact, leaving you more time to succeed at the things you do best. Unlike a publisher’s editorial department, wort-wert differentiates between mere proofreading and the more involved process of editing.

wort-wert will advise you in all of your written projects, be it by providing flawless language (proofreading) or by refining the structure and logical flow of your text (editing). wort-wert welcomes projects of all kinds, including textbooks, scientific papers, research reports, project reports, technical articles, corporate brochures and mission statements, web pages, business reports, marketing copy and information leaflets, teaching materials, drafts, theses and dissertations. Every type of text poses its own set of requirements. wort-wert will read, proof, revise and structure your work in accordance with your ideas.

wort-wert offers a simple, secure and swift service, both offline and online. We are happy to work on paper, in common file formats (Word, PDF, plain text), or directly inside your CMS.

  • Word: In your file, tracking changes
  • PDF: Changes on a printed copy,
    returned to you scanned or by mail
  • Plain text: In your file
  • Web pages: On paper or in your CMS,
    whichever you prefer